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Is Your Logo Just A BRAND?

One of the top 5 questions I receive as a Brand Strategist & Consultant is; “Can you do a logo for me, my company or organization”. The answer is ABSOLUTELY! “Will I” an entirely different question. That all depends on if what you're really asking for will just be a "BRAND Aid".

We love working with people to find the AWESOME Brand within them. However, we specialize in RE-branding individuals, companies and organizations from the inside out and from the bottom up! That means a simple logo alone just won’t do for us because we don’t believe it will do for you either! We would be doing you, your company or organization a disservice and not giving you the greatest opportunity to become a successful, profitable BRAND.

If we’re approached about “doing a logo” or “re-doing” a logo there are a few things to think about prior to just coming up with a beautiful logo design. First of all, we start with “The Four (4) P’s: People, Purpose, Process and Product. Do you have a foundation for your company that consists of the right people in the right places performing the right tasks? Do you even know what people you need onboard to get the wheels off the ground? Having the right people in place operating in their gifts as well as from a place of strength is absolutely paramount! Everyone onboard must be in what I like to call “their set place”. If you have the person who should be doing the bookkeeping (& loves to be left alone with their calculator) at the front desk struggling to communicate as a customer service representative, they will literally RUN the customers out of the door!

Which brings me to another big question; what is each person’s purpose within your organization? But better yet, what is the purpose of your company? Perhaps it’s time to rethink your Mission, Vision and Core Values. Once, you have identified whether or not your Mission, Vision & Values need to be revisited, and then it’s time to share the WEALTH. It’s time to communicate your vision to every team member and make sure everyone is onboard with it. Now that you have shared and communicated the vision is everyone saying the same thing? Is everyone doing the same thing? What happens when the boss is away? Hhhmmm…

In Birmingham, AL there was a serious “ice storm” that left people trapped in cars and at work for days. When the “snow” event started the owner of a Chick-Fil-A restaurant on highway 280 was on his way to make a delivery, but after realizing the seriousness of the storm, decided to give away over a hundred of meals to trapped motorists. At the same time “back on highway 280” at the restaurant, his employees started making more food and going outside to the stranded motorists in that area giving meals away. Neither was aware at the time of the other’s actions! This is a PRIME example of a company whose entire organization is saying and doing the same thing.

So, if you have all the stakeholders onboard are there systems and processes in place to support them? You need good systems in place in order to set your employees and business up for success and not for failure. Having the proper systems in place gives everyone a better opportunity to work more in there lane and on their craft instead of wasting time on mundane, tedious, time-consuming tasks that will suck the life out of the sails of TRUE accomplishment. Those tasks will also suck the SALES out of your business keeping you from increasing revenue and gaining BRAND Recognition!

Now that you have most of the bricks in the mortar of your foundation or the concrete in the slab (whichever works best for you), it’s time to make sure you have a good solid product to present to your target audience! With all of the right people in the right place operating in their area of strength and speaking the same language it should be a sweat less process delivering a good solid product that will help to TRANSFORM your BRAND for BIGGER Profits and command BRAND Recognition.

Neglecting to build a solid foundation with The Four (4) P’s but still wanting a LOGO is just slapping a “Brand Aid” on the face of an already TROUBLED Brand. It’s time for Rehab folks! Don’t be afraid of the Rehab. BRANDRehab™ For Troubled Brands.

Pettway International


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