What is your strategy to build BRAND LOYALTY & Increase profitability?


Pettway Intl specializes in re-branding companies, organizations & individuals from the inside out from the compliance of the brand, the processes of the brand, to the image, aesthetics & logos.

Tanya Suzette is the “Principle” branding specialist at Pettway Intl & is transforming brands with her Trademarked Program “Brand Rehab”. Suzette judges businesses by Four (P)’s & they are NOT the Four (P)’s traditionally thought of when thinking of marketing. Suzette judges BRANDS (businesses) by Four (P)’s:  People - Purpose - Process - Product principle





We offer webinars, workshops & Signature Events to teach you how to clarify create & Re-BRAND & position yourself as an expert in your field. Available for entrepreneurs with annual gross profits under $1 Mil.


This is perfect for entrepreneurs in different stages of growth. If you’re passionate about your work, but just haven’t seen the revenue you deserve…this level is for YOU. Now is the time to start Reinvention with BRAND Rehab!


Once you identify what you are meant to accomplish and passionately define your purpose, you will be able to emotionally connect with your audience and build an "authentic" BRAND with the revenue you deserve!

We offer a customized branding program that takes a "simple" yet strategic approach in defining the next 3-5 year trajectory for business "BRAND Rehab" Success!


This program is for those small businesses who are already well established in their business with business structure and systems in place, making consistent income, and are ready to achieve MORE REVENUE for their businesses NOW!


You may also, be looking for the breakdown in your business or brand in order to increase revenue & build brand awareness. 


Ideal for small businesses with annual gross profits of a minimum of $1 Mil.


Brand, re-brand or simply "refresh" your company, organization or event.

Has your Corporate identity lost touch with its core audience? ​Regain & surpass slumping sales!


 Corporate Identity,"Internal" branding programs, employer brand strategies & seminars.


Suzette is also available as a consultant & speaker to ignite the organization behind the brand to drive sales, morale & overall business performance.


This exclusive group gets the ultimate BRAND experience, one-on-one consulting & coaching, structured mastermind and increased accountability.




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Consulting & Coaching.


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