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Tweeting With Mittens

Yep, that’s right! JC Penney’s stole another show of “Super” proportions. They hi-jacked the Super Bowl With Their Mittens! Make that their typos. The Department Store sent out two tweets at the beginning of the game which were plagued with typos. The brand purposely tweeted the “erroneous” tweets as part of an innocent little “tweeting with mittens” stunt for the Super Bowl. However, they went viral with posts from those thinking they had been hacked, were drunk or having some type of episode. It could be considered successful but for ALL the wrong reasons. The brand and it’s agency panicked & started the cleanup. I believe it was great BRAND Recognition regardless of what one’s opinion may be. JCP received more exposure than they could have ever planned. The parodies ensued.

Scarf Guy GMA Tweet_edited.png

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