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Who knew that Starbucks was just messing with you…or are they?

Now, this is just GENIUS! I really don’t think that Starbucks planned this awesome BRAND accident. If they did it’s absolutely brilliant. My daughter’s name is spelled A-R-I-E-L-L-E. So, I’m not sure where “Reari” came from. I have definitely seen it spelled a lot of different ways. Let’s start with the ER clerk who spelled her name REL-Arielle. Hmmmm… I digress. Anyway, think about the sheer number of times Starbucks has been tweeted, posted on Instagram, fb & other social media with no effort of their own. You have to admit that it turned out to be a very lucrative branding mistake! You may never get your name spelled correctly again. I think they’re onto it!

Starbucks Wrongful Name Cup

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