"The moment you commit and quit holding back, all sorts of unforeseen incidents, meetings and material assistance, will rise up to help you. The simple act of commitment is a powerful magnet for help."-- Napoleon Hill, Pioneer of Personal Achievement Philosophy .



The Coaches Academy is designed for high level professionals who are ready to uplevel their mastery by working with an elevated group of clients who love what you have to offer. Your mastery has value, now it is time to build the systems and packages that will attract the kind of clients that are eager to work with you. 

The Coaches Academy is for you if.....

  • You are sure people need your services, products or programs but are struggling and frustrated with trying to fill up your coaching practice with 'committed paying clients'

  • Continuously watching other coaches making consistent profit in their business, although you may have been in practice longer

  • Continuously lowering your prices to focus on quantity, yet disappointed with the quality of the clientele

  • Frustrated with all of the gurus that promise a 'quick fix' that will lead you to a large return 

  • You hear all of the talk about all of the financial potential in coaching but you're not realizing it in your business


I have done it all and have the scars to prove it. I know what it feels like to be confused and frustrated by prospecting for clients all day long. Then, after a full day of marketing... NO RETURN. Many of the 'coaching schools' can teach you how to be a certified coach but they cannot teach you how to produce an income and prospect for higher end clients in your business. 
The coaching industry can be very lucrative if you target the right audience. With the emergence of so many entrepreneurs in today's market, there is a need like never before for well versed and educated coaches & consultants who can take emerging business owners to the next level.  Our goal at the Coaches Academy is to help you build a more effective, manageable and profitable coaching practice while simplifying the process for you.
The Academy is for if you are  ......  

  • Life, Executive, Career, Personal Development coach

  • Business owner who is an expert in a particular specialty area 

  • Considering becoming a coach or trainer






I have put all of my secrets into this academy to help you accelerate the growth of your coaching business.  This training will help you get more clients, leverage your time, and ensure that you charge what you're worth...and more.

My training topics include:


  • How to easily transition from 1-on-1 clients to group programs

  • How to attract a steady stream of paying clients and referrals

  • Easy ways to create & launch your product(s)

  • Quick and easy list building, even if you're starting from scratch

  • Marketing campaigns that bring in clients constantly

  • Collaborative & joint ventures that produce profit





The investment for the Academy is only $447 and we have a two pay flex pay option. This is the investment until January 2015 when we officially launch the full program at an investment of  $1,847 with QUALIFIED and sourced coaching leads provided, so it is a great savings to be a part of the launch before the Academy is released. If you want to hold a spot, submit your application today.

I am ONLY taking 4 COMMITTED  high level individuals per session who are committed to changing their income and attracting their IDEAL coaching clients. No gimmicks! I am only taking 4 people who know that the value of the content they have is worth much more. It is time to package your services and products for today’s market. And, note, your ideal target market is not only on social media, and I will show you how to create the conversations needed to attract them.

If you are ready to take action, let us know. We will work together LIVE every weekend for (2 hrs each day), LIVE. If you are ready, just submit your application so we can see if this program is for you. 



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